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10 predictions for 2014 you’re going to want to read…

Consumer PR : 10/01/14

2013 was a great year, people everywhere were learning how to do the Harlem Shake, the Royal baby was born, Andy Murray won Wimbledon FINALLY, 4G launched, with some lovely adverts featuring Kevin Bacon, everyone (bar me!) fell in love with the Facebook game ‘Candy Crush’, Miley Cyrus offended parents across the globe with her [...]

PR with substance…

Consumer PR : 18/12/13

Last week, I was one of the many millions of people to watch the WestJet Christmas Miracle on YouTube and be genuinely wowed at the immense power of good PR. I immediately did what millions of others would have done and forwarded it around the office only to see colleagues with tears of joy in [...]

Who Run The World?

Consumer PR : 29/11/13

Sadly not girls, but hashtags. Firstly, you’ll need to watch this really educational video of Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon discussing hashtags and their use within everyday language….. Ok, so it wasn’t as educational as you’d hoped but it shows just how hashtags are taking over the world, especially at this time of year it [...]

Christmas is coming….the ad men told me

Consumer PR : 20/11/13

I remember when people used to look forward to what the big Christmas movie would be on the telly.  These days people look forward to the Christmas adverts. Everyone is talking about the Christmas adverts. Anticipation ahead of the John Lewis advert was huge and the hysteria following its release was quite frankly unbelievable. Christmas [...]

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