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Social Media

Building conversations, engagement and reputations for brands online


Social media has transformed the way we discover, judge and engage with brands and products.  No matter what industry you are in, what you do, what you say, and what others say about you in social media matters.

The right social media campaign has the power to drive interest, sales and build loyalty.  But the wrong content, management or social media policy can quickly lead to a damaged reputation.

Good Relations Regional is a PR and social media agency.  We define the right content strategy to maximise your brand’s reputation across all media channels.  We help you find the best way to get noticed, connect with customers, and create advocates in print, broadcast and social media.

As a PR agency we know how to get attention and keep it.  As a social media agency we know how to engage and build conversations.

Social media rewards companies who post pertinent, informative material.  As a social media agency, at the heart of our approach is defining the right content.  It must be original, collaborative and of value.  For every campaign we question -’Why will I talkabout it, share it, use it?’ ‘How do I get involved?’ ‘How will it enable co-creation, mobilise the community?’ ‘What will keep the conversation going?’

As the largest PR and social media agency in the North, we have the best people and expertise to deliver campaigns across every social media platform.  This enables us to pinpoint the right social media tools to get the best results for you.  From search engine optimisation, to blogger relations, to YouTube, facebook and LinkedIn campaigns.



Our proven approach has helped large and small companies to make the right social media choices to achieve their business goals.  Social media clients include Drayton Manor, Co-operative Energy, Inn Travel, Trimble, Axis Communications, Leeds Corn Exchange, NHS, Britannia, Starlight Children’s Charity, PortaSki and Article 10 presentations.

Let us cut through the noise to pinpoint the most effective social media platform, content and engagement strategy for you.



To deliver social media campaigns that not only create conversations but also deliver against your business goals, we follow a six step process:


Firstly we listen.  We develop an intimate understanding of your target market’s knowledge, attitude and behaviour on social media, developing a detailed picture of your online landscape.  This clarifies where conversations are taking place, what is being discussed and who the key opinion formers are.

Example picture of social media channel analysis



This insight helps us to get close to the market, developing campaigns that will resonate with the right audience.  We take this intelligence and develop a social media content and engagement strategy.


If you don’t know what your social media landscape looks like, or if you don’t have a content and engagement strategy built around your key audiences, please get in touch with us today.  We will help you to build an effective social media strategy that answers:

1.     What are our business objectives and how can social media help?

2.     What channels are most important?

3.     What matters most to the audience and how can we help?

4.     What is our social media policy?

5.     What training do we need?

6.     How are we monitoring and responding?

7.     How are we measuring?